Death evokes a wide range of responses – some talk about it with a sense of resignation, a finality, while some react in a casual, even flippant way, dismissing death with a spirit of bravado.

In our research and interviews with healthcare workers, caregivers and patients, what struck us was that when speaking about death, they often talked about many other things. Like a loose thread that when tugged, unravels an entire tapestry, there are many complex relationships involved in facing end-of-life issues. Death is to be confronted personally, but it also affects the living - how lives are lived individually, socially and culturally.

The creative team wanted to make an artwork that engages the audience on the topic of death and dying at many levels, not just intellectually but also emotionally and spiritually. We wanted people to reach in within themselves, to rediscover their buried fears and desires and to give voice to what has been silenced for too long.

Through the onsite immersive arts experience, we hope to create a safe space to think and talk about both living and dying in all possible ways - the vibrancy, the terror, the hope, the desperation, holding on and letting go. We want the work to remind us all that dealing with living and dying is a natural and inevitable part of life. Only when we reflect upon these challenging issues and gain clarity on where we stand on these matters will we then be empowered to make the difficult decisions about life and death.

Our heartfelt thanks go out to all the interviewees who gave us not only their time but more importantly, a part of themselves. It has been a humbling experience. They helped us realize that in each death, we learn so much about living; in each story, we see the human spirit struggle and flourish.

We welcome you into this space and invite you to walk a little way with us. In these particular stories, may we find what is universal to bind and to connect us all.